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The content in this site has been published in for a long year since 1999, featuring Thai amulets of the country. Thai amulets carry ultra high efficacies for Metta, life safty, invincibility, good luck, wealth, fortune, attractiveness, evil protection, etc:- 
Verification Techniques
Somdej Wat Rakang (SWR) Series:
-General Background (1)  
-SWR Phim Yai Ok Vee (2)
-SWR Phim Yai, Ok Vee (3)  
-SWR Phim Yai, Ok Vee (4)  
-SWR Phim Yai, Ok Vee (5)  
-Rough-texture SWR     
-Natural Shallow Cracks
-Glazed-ware Crack Surface
-Super Pic SWR1
-Super Pic SWR2
- Super Pic SWR 3 
- Fine-texture SWR 
- Phim Yai Ok Krabok
- Backside of SWR (1)
-Backside of SRW (2)    
-Backside of SRW (3)
7-tiered Somdej Keschaiyo, 
Phim Niyom  Series:
-Fake Amulet
Fake VS Real
Real Head Section
Real Body & Arms
Real Stages Section
Hints on Last Stage
Hints on Backside
Originally Fundamental Amulet
Original Ridge Face
Original Arms & Body
Tip On The Bell Line   
Comparative Study On Transformations
Soft Texture Type 1
Soft Texture Type 2
Soft Texture Type 3
Soft Texture Type 4
Front Side Linear Cracks 1
Front Side Linear Cracks 2
Hi-powder Content Texture  
LP Parn Amulets Series:
General Texture Type (1) 
General Texture Type (2) 
Comparative Amulet Texture
Amulet Backsides
More Amulets For Study
Strong Texture Amulet  
 Amulets of Specific Color 
Red Thin Layer Amulets 
Betel-nut-dye Amulets  
Single-lined Yant Amulets
A Very Rare-to-find Piece  
Phim KrutYai of Low Relief 
Top of LP Parn's Series 
1st Batch Wat Paknam Series:
Verification on 1st Batch WatPaknam's
Verification on 1st Batch WatPaknam's
Verification On 1st Batch Wat Paknam Amulet
(Transparent Lacquer)
Scriptless-back,1st Batch WPN
WPN "Roon Tokkarng" Amulets
More Tips For Roon Tokkarng Authentication
Tips for Used Tokkarng Amulet  
WPN Roon Long Phim
Verification Markings On 25 Buddha Sattawas Leela
Essential Information: 25 Buddha Sattawas Leela 
25 Sattawas Leela of Various Colors
Buddha Chinnaraj Indochine Statue
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LP Daeng's Biography
LP Daeng's 1st Batch Medal
LP Daeng's Splendid Set of Somdejs
The Grand Set of LP Daeng's Pidta
LP Daeng's Somdej Kanaen
You're Cheated !!
With LP Daeng 2nd Batch Somdej

Roop Lor LP Ngern Bang Klaan, Phim Niyom
LP Ngern Bang Klaan Mini Statue, Phim Kheeta 
Smart Collecting on
Chinnaraj Indochine B.E. 2485

Top" Kung Fu" on Somdej Wat Rakang
Verification on LP Parn's Krut Yai
LP Parn Amulet, Real or Fake
Pidta Amulet, Real or Fake  
MeedMoh, Real or Fake?
Secret on Somdej BangKhunphrom
Secret on Phra Somdej
Chao Khun Nor's Phra Kaew  
Thai Amulets Guide
Thai amulets: Professional Items
FAQ on Thai Amulets (2)
Guidelines for Buying & Collecting 
 "Thai amulets" on Education 
Present-Period Guru Monks  
 Introduction | Nang Kwak | Phra Pitta Maha Ut | Sangajayana
Rajasiha | Khun Paen | Chinnaraj Indochine | Sivali
Luang Phor Parn | Luang Phor Chong
Luang Phor Wat PakNam | Luang Phor Doem
The Derivation & Distortion of Guman Thong
Miracles of the Great Guru Monk
The Great-Grand-Five Amulets | Phra Ngang
FAQ on Thai Amulets


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