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Luang Phor Wat PakNam teaching
Dhamagaya meditation technique.
Luang Phor presenting Buddhistic amulets to people.
Everyone receives only one and forever.
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His food bowl. Luang Phor's teaching board, umbrella and staff.
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People presenting food to Luang
Phor Wat PakNam
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Luang Phor Wat PakNam at later part of his life

Miracles of the Great Guru
On the occasion of new year and new millennium 2000, it's a good auspicious time to bless all net-readers with this story. The pictures you have seen here are of Luang Phor Wat PakNam, one of a few greatest guru monks of Thailand. His reputation has been spreaded all over Asia-Pacific and Europe because of his great knowledge of Dhamagaya, the advanced meditation for the extinction of sufferings. Meditation practices by Dhamagaya technique is  ALOKASIN ( a mind concentration with light)  which results comprehensive mind-powered phenomena. While the Anapanasati technique ( mind concentration with breathing) has no such phenomena. Whoever practices Dhamagaya and reaches the advanced stage, his or her mind is so powerful. The sixth-sense phenomena which may happen is just only side effects resulted from Dhamagaya. 

Buddhism is not just a philosophy as academicians define it, but it's the religion of miracles. Many of monks' daily chanting text say about ghosts, spirits, deities and the mighty unseen. All these unseen livings
can be easily seen by the "inner eyes" induced by meditation technique of Dhamagaya of Wat PakNam, Phasi Charoen. I stress on and give credit to Wat PakNam only because a group of improper monks of another temple arbitrarily refered to Luang Phor Wat PakNam's reputation and his Dhamagaya knowledge to deceive and shamelessly exploit money from people.

Luang Phor Wat PakNam delicately divided the basic mind-concentration into 18 steps to reach Dhamagaya Orahat or the state of crystal-like Buddha which situates at the body's center( the inner body at a 2-finger higher the navel level.) At this stage, the mind is cleaned and powerful to pray for any success from the Buddha or Luang Phor. Whoever reach this stage can pray for happy life, good business, finance or whatever good intention. His amulets succeeded by Dhamagaya and carry comprehensive miraculous effects and also save so many people. He also help people as on their prayer. The short-cut way to pray for success from him, please see more Luang Phor Wat PakNam story.

My father,Dr.Wang Chung Hua(Cert. Medicine), came from China to Thailand before WWII; he was a well-educated man. Before his death in 1992, he was paralyzed. At that time, I briefed him a short story of Luang Phor Wat PakNam and hanged a big picture of the great guru beside his bed. He, lying on the bed, listened to my brief with a little smile and paid respect to the picture by joining his two hands together. Shortly before his death, I dreamed of the Luang Phor and he told me in a dream that my father would die in a few days. Only 2 days after that dream, my father died. His foretelling gave me enough time to prepare a coffin and religious ceremony. Immediately after his death, I prayed to the Luang Phor for a success to move his body to a good temple for religious ceremony. I really care about this because many temples in Bangkok commercially "sell" ceremonial religious services to the dead and earn money on the dead!!   Amazingly, his body was accommodated in a good great temple which has only a few ceremonial halls and are always full, no vacancy!! The day I made a contact and moved his body to the temple, I was informed that there was a vacant place left because the previous body had just moved out!! My father was cremated by the Buddhist way.

Luang Phor Wat PakNam's pictures you have seen on these pages are sacred objects. If you print them out, please keep them on the high place.  

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