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Luang Phor Doem mini statuette, popular imprint, B.E.2482,
depicting front and rear sides
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Luang Phor Doem mini statuettes
Left: Kho Tung imprint.      Right: Wat NongLuang imprint, thick base. 
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copper BaiSema medal, B.E.2470 
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Left: niello medal     Right: ivory-tusk carved Phra Somdej
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Left: conquering knife       Right: ivory-tusk carved Singharaj 
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The great guru monk,
Luang Phor Doem, Wat NongPho temple

            FOR REAL TOUGH GUYS          
Luang Phor Doem (B.E.2403-2494),Wat Nong Pho temple, NakornSawan province, is one of the greatest guru monk of Thailand. His very well-known amulets are various kinds of ivory-tusk carved pieces including Singharajs, a few batches of statuettes of his own, and many sizes of magic knives. Because of his amulets carrying great properties on impenetrability, so they are best for "real men" who want to fight the bad. His magic knives are so terrible that magic-tattooed hooligans are scared of. Even the small-type knife is only 2-3 inches long but it could destroy enemies' invulnerability. The knife will easily penetrate into any magically invulnerable guy, and the wound is terribly incurable. His foot-prints are also popular amulets, its properties are comprehensively for self protection as same as his magic knives.  

As elephant being a carrier in the old times, Luang Phor Doem kept many elephants. He cast a spell on every elephant's legs and sometimes fed them with blessed grass. As a preceptor, Luang Phor Doem was often invited to many temples to preside over the ordain ceremony. When he was getting old, he reached the destination temples by elephant. All his elephants were very tamed. After reaching the temple, Luang Phor Doem just let the elephant go freely to feed itself by eating grass in the nearby area. Amazingly, when the ceremony going to end with some chanting chapter, the elephant would go back by itself and kneeled down in front of the Bosth(main chanting hall for all Buddhistic rituals) to pick him up and bring him back to Wat NongPho. Luang Phor Doem loved all of his elephants, he had special knowledges(Yana) to detect elephants' mind and to communicate them. When Luang Phor Doem passed away, his elephants cried with grief and some of them refused to eat anything.

Luang Phor Doem was a great builder. He helped build more than 30 temples in Nakornsawan and nearby provinces, such as Phichit, Pitsanulok  and Chainat. His benevolence was so great, he cared about the water in temple's pond which was the main blood vessel for all monks in the temple. He was very happy if the pond was full of water. When the pond was shallow in the dry season, he was worried and going to the Bosth to meditate and beg for rain. The day he passed away, his monk disciples had told him that the water level was very low, it's nearly run out. If there was no rain in a few days, the pond would dry up. Luang Phor Doem nodded his head while he was lying ill on the floor.

" My sons I'm going to leave this world, I wish you all be good monks and be happy forever, so don't worry about the water in the pond", said he. A few minutes later, he passed away. Suddenly, the lightning flashed in the sky and a clap of thunder striked, a very heavy rain poured!! Only one hour later the pond was full of water again. The great monk often miraculously passed away in this manner.            

Luang Phor doem's magic knives are often called the " god's knives " or " conquering knives". His knife carries comprehensive properties as an amulet for:

         - self protection
        - dispersing and conquering the ghost    
        - destroying all kinds of black magic including invulnerability
        - detecting the poisonous food
        - making holy water
        - healing illnesses by encircling on the body's spot

Luang Phor Doem's magic knife need specific Mantra to activate before using. The Mantra requests for 5 unconquerable weapons embedding in the knife: God Indra's Wachiravuth, God Wessuwan's baton, demon Alawaka's apocalyptic red cloth, God of the death Jamaraj's eyes, and Naraiyana's chakra.The Mantra is as follow:

SakkassaWachiravuthang  WessasuwannaSakathawuthang    AlawakaThusawuthang YamasaNaiyanawuthang  NaraiyasaChakrawuthang   PanchaAwuthanang  AetaesangAnuphawena  PanchaAwuthanang PhakkaPhakkha
Wijunnang WijunnaLomangmamena Buddhasanti KajchaAmumhi Okasetithahi

Apart from the conquering knives, his Singharajs, medals and mini statuettes are so great for self protection as well as the knives. The mini statuettes should be activated with his Mantra for full and complete power. The Mantra is also good for everybody even he has none of Luang Phor Doem's amulets. The Mantra incantation prays for the Triple Gems, Buddhang, Dhammang and Sangkhang to protect the prayer and to conquer all enemies. The Mantra is as follow:

SitthiKijjang  SitthiKammang SitthiLapho ChayoNijjang   AsangWiSuLoPuSaPhuPha
NaMoBudhThaYa UttangHareja NaMaPhaTha 
PhraBuddhangRaksa  PhraDhammangRaksa PhraSangKhangRaksa
SattruMaBeetha WinasSanti  AyuWannoSukkhangPhalang  

Luang Phor Doem's amulets are rather expensive because they are very popular among Thai veteran collectors and users. But for the novices, they may know only his name but know not much about his amulets' great properties. Once his amulets appear on anyone's neck , it's something like a sign to show that you are a real man and tough guy.     

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