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LP Parn Pidta Nua Gala
Wat KruaWan, Early 2500s
This is a rare to find Pidta "NuaGala" made and blessed by LP Parn, Wat Kruawan, Chonburi, in early 2500s. The Pidta is very beautiful and a championship condition that found in this year. The surface of the Pidta portrays full characteristic of "Nua Gala".

The word "Nua" = content, Gala = coconut shell, it's so called because its content look like coconut shell, similar to the multi-million Baht old-version LP Kaew Pidta of Wat Kruawan. 

The Pidta was mixed with LP Parn's holy powder, a large quantity of old LP Kaew's holy powder, herbs, and Chinese lacquer. The content of the Pidta looks as same as the multi-million Baht old-version LP Kaew Pidta NuaGala of Wat Kruawan. 

LP Kaew was the founder of Wat Kruawan, he was the first maker of top famous Pidta "NuaGala" of Wat Kruwan, and also the first master of famous Wat Kruawan's lineage.

The price for a LP Kaew's Pidta now is very steep, you may pay up to Baht 5,000,000-10,000,000 (5-10 millions) for a good-conditioned item. But the above LP Parn's substitution Pidta is so much cheaper and a best option for pro collectors.    


In the old time there were no chalks sold yet, LP Kaew who was also a teacher for monk students had to made chalks by himself and blessed them before using. While he was teaching, Khom scripts were written on the blackboard. When the scripts on the blackboard was erased, the chalk dust would fell onto the receptacle rail. The chalk dust was related to Buddhistic Mantra, Sutra, Buddhas' names, and Arahants' names, so it was the utmost sacred powder by its nature.

The chalk dust was gathered and kept by LP Kaew to make holy chalk and it was blessed once again after the making processes was finished. When LP Kaew was making his Pidtas, the holy chalk had been brought to grind for fine powder and mixed into the paste mixture.

Later, many pieces of LP Kaew's holy chalk were found in Wat Kruawan's Chedi in early 2490s. Some of the holy chalk was kept by LP Buay, the then Abbot, and LP Parn. Both LP Buay and LP Parn were LP Dhan's disciples and also were LP Kaew's lineage disciples of 3rd generation. 

LP Parn who made and blessed the Pidta was born in B.E. 2441. He was seriously ill and in the near-to-death condition when he was young, his father went to Wat Kruawan and brought back LP Kaew's holy water to feed him. It's so amazing that he was recovered and get well a few days after that.

LP Parn ordained in B.E. 2462 and learned incantation and Pidta making from LP Dhan and also learned with a great teacher--LP Yie of Wat Sattaheep. LP Parn passed away in B.E. 2517 at the age of 76.  

LP Kaew's holy powder is extremely efficacious for Maha Metta and Maha Saneh, it's aware that even a molecule should never be touched to a lady !! Yes, it's tabooed to lady !!     

An event recounted for a long time ago in among Wat Kruawan's followers :-
A novice was assigned to grind LP Kaew's holy powder for a Pidta making occasion, at that time a niece of LP Dhan came over to pay respect to his uncle (LP Dhan). LP Dhan ordered the novice to bring a cup of tea for the lady guest.

Beyond expectation, the novice hands has contaminated with LP Kaew's holy powder dust. After the lady drank that cup of tea, she never wanted to move and go back home but sat at that place until night-- waiting for the novice!!.

LP Dhan realized that the novice had not washed his hand before serving the cup of tea. LP Dhan told his niece sitting before him and then he chanted a Katha to neutralize the holy powder's activeness in the lady's body.
LP Dhan was a close disciple of LP Kaew, he later became the Abbot of Wat Kruawan in B.E.2445 after LP Jaem.
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