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The above LP Doem Meedmoh is an original authentic item, it's the early period creation. Please notice the skillful chisel punching on the blade and the candlewax-like sheath. The word Meedmoh is folk word means medic knife. But it really has two beautiful formal   names: a.Meed Dhep Sattra = the God's knife  b: Meed Prab Pairee = conquering knife.   

Professional Hints
Verification on LP Doem's Meed Moh:

a.The handcrafted blade design was punched by special chisels. Any blade that was punched by machine, it's fake knife.

b. Only 3 artisans that were hired by Wat NongPho temple to make Meed Moh, i.e. Charng Chim, Charng Khai, Charng Sorn. The word Charng = skilled artisan. Each of them has his own skill, so a real expert could "read" the design who made it. 

c. Small knife sheath and handle were made of ivory-tusk. The early period knives carried high age of more than 70 years, so the sheath and handle look greasy like yellow candle wax.

d. There is no Khom letter or any Yant on the sheath or handle.     

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