Thai amulets
Created & Written by Lek Watruak

Collecting Style:
by EARS or EYES ??
There are two kinds of amulet collectors:
1. By-ear collectors
2. By-eye collectors

These two collectors are significantly different. The first ones are by-ear collectors of which Thai idiom calls their collecting style " Len Phra Duai Hoo"; Len Phra = To collect amulets, Duai Hoo = by ears. The collectors of this kind do not use their EYES examining the amulet PHIM and TEXTURE, but just use their EARS listening to hearsay, the others' comments and rumors. These people follow the others' words of mouth. Almost all of them collect much more FAKES than the GENUINE.

The second ones, by-eye collectors, are smart collectors of which Thai idiom calls their collecting style " Len Phra Duai Ta"; Duai Ta = by eyes. They study more and more, and collect amulets with their own EYES and KNOWLEDGE. They stand on their feet and judge the amulet by their eyes only; no hearsay and the others' comments are concerned. In the long run, they would become Sian or top veteran collectors.     

Amulets collecting is like playing sport games, you must play with the real higher skillful persons to develop your own techniques. You should believe in ones who deserve to believe but not believe in ones who do not deserve to because so many and many are QUACK experts who mostly are unscrupulous dealers or secretly related interest-hawks in amulets arena. They are only interest snatchers. They sell FAKES and get used to FAKES and scarcely see REAL AUTHENTIC pieces. So the paradoxical examination results have always been happened--the FAKES are REAL while the REAL are FAKES. The novice collectors who are acquainted with and have SI FU like this will come to a misery end.

Lastly, just be yourself. The more you be yourself, the more successful you are.

Amulet roads just lies there but it's the collectors who choose a road to walk on. Not every collector chooses the right way. In the long run, thus, there are two kinds of collectors, the smart & developed and the FOOLS.       
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