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Secret on Somdej BangKhunphrom Surface
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The above Somdej BangKhunphrom, Phim Sendai, is in original condition. Somdej BangKhunphrom made and blessed by Somdej PhraPhutdhacharn(Toh) and contained in the main Jedi of Wat Mai Amataros (BangKhunphrom). The Jedi was formally opened in B.E.2500 after the amulets were piled up in the Jedi around a hundred years. All amulets were spattered with hardened soil which looks greasy like, or just like fried soil in the cook oil. Due to moisture and inundation that stimulated chemical change on amulet surface, lime water from the amulet hardened the soil and formed the crust to cover its surface. The texture of Somdej BangKhunphrom is white, strong lime substance.     
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Somdej BangKhunphrom, Phim SangKhati, the hardened soil on the front side was driven out while its rear side was still left untouched in original condition to confirm its authenticity. 
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